Since 2008, Lindsey has been a requested motivational speaker for private events, women's conferences, business organizations, and government agencies across the country.

Her personal and genuine approach with a flair of natural humor has kept her workshops and presentations in high demand among  several revolving-door clients. Her passion for inspiring audiences and coaching organizations on the theme of "how to become happier" and "becoming the best that you can be" has kept her a personal favorite among many clients. 

Lindsey presents on topics such as:

  • Strengthening Marriage/Family and Relationships

  • Finding Balance Between Roles as Mom, Wife and Entrepreneur

  • Defining and Achieving Your Dreams (Success vs. Failure) 

  • Nurturing Your Gifts and Talents

  • The Power of Positive Thinking

If you are interested in having Lindsey Rietzsch instruct a

workshop or speak at your event, complete the form below. Be sure to include your organization's name, location, contact information, topic you are interested in, and request date.

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